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  2. This weekend was awesome. 
    I spent most of it hungover and over tired at work. 
    But these nights were a good time, and much needed. 
    Spent most of today shopping and eating my hangover away and readying myself for another busy work week. Ah, work at Christmas.

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  4. 14 year old me has taken over my blog tonight it seems. 
    I want to play along badly to Avenged Sevenfold and Green Day on guitar, and paint my nails black and put on dodgy eyeliner on my paint stained bedroom carpet. 

    Those were the days. I miss following my heart and my passions and not caring what others thought of it all. 
    I’ve strayed from that but now I’m really starting to feel I’m getting back to it. Slowly. Funny though, how all these old bands are the ones helping me yet again. 

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  8. shiver-fox:


    Simple Plan - I’m Just A Kid

    REMEMBEr thIS oh my god

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  11. Vengeance University

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